Know the work of The Henry Ford

The Henry Ford is a large indoor and outdoor history museum complex. Officially, it is  called as the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation and Greenfield Village. However, it is also referred to as the Edison Institute.

The Henry Ford is a national historic landmark in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn, Michigan, United States. Part of the collections of this museum are former President John F. Kennedy’s presidential limousine, Abraham Lincoln’s chair from Ford’s Theatre, Thomas Edison’s laboratory, the Wright Brothers’ bicycle shop, the Rosa Parks bus, and more historical exhibits.

This museum began as Henry Ford’s personal collection of historic objects back from 1906. Today, the site is filled with a collection of antique machineries, pop culture items, automobiles, locomotives, air crafts and other items that denote American history. The goal of this museum is to educate people, especially children, and enlighten you all in terms of the history of America.

The Henry Ford’s facility is huge and marvelous. You will definitely see a lot of interesting things. The place has various attractions. Explore the museum using the free guides that will enlighten you about the background and history of each piece of material. Join the free tours! The Henry Ford tour guides will give you informative stories about the collections and the place as well. They will make sure that you will leave the place with new knowledge and fascination on history.

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Going to the museum will be perfect especially for those who love history as much as Henry Ford does! Bring your friends and family. Though we’re sure a day is not enough to explore everything, you can come back as much as you want. Make sure to enjoy the sights, especially the exhibits and programs. Join all the fun activities and even the different educational programs. We guarantee that exploring the museum will be time well spent!

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