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Nothing beats the feeling you get when you buy things and at the same time, you help others too, right?

It is sometimes a worry and a struggle to find ways to help other people. Giving donations is always a great way to help but sometimes, isn’t it a hassle finding the right things to give from your storage area inside your overhead garage door in Tulsa? Rather than spending time searching your whole house for things that can be donated, why not just shop from stores that give part of their sales to reputable charities?

This is why we are pleased to introduce to you our online store — Shop The Henry Ford! Here, you can browse and look for many distinct items. Find gifts and crafts that are made by our very own Liberty Craftwork artisans. They have items available for kids such as toys and craft items. We are sure that kids will definitely love what we have in our collection. We have items for adults too such as unique bric-a-brac and novelty items. We also carry books of different titles and different genres, perfect for reading during your free time or to serve as gifts for your friends and loved ones. Browse our gallery for craft works which you can create as part of your home decors or to give away as gifts.

Find all these and more in our online shop. Just click our shop tab and browse hundreds of items that we offer. Choose whatever you want and as many as you want. Here, you are sure to find many interesting and unique stuff that will make your online shopping quite enjoyable.

Note that we offer many promotions. To take advantage of our offers, be a member of our online shop. Members are always given a heads up on our many promotions so it is important for you to sign up. Signing up is very easy to do, just go to our login page, fill up the form and then you are all set to do your shopping.

Why should you buy from Shop the Henry Ford?

The best thing about our store is that all your purchases will be a huge help in supporting educational programs, exhibitions and conservation initiatives of The Henry Ford, a very important historical attraction in the United States of America. The Henry Ford is a large indoor and outdoor museum complex that holds many exhibits and programs that perfectly captures the history of America. We provide many educational opportunities for children and adults alike.

Shopping in our store will be a great help for The Henry Ford. It doesn’t just support the exhibits and programs we hold but it also helps other people to learn more about the history of our country. So take a look now at the items that we offer.

Make sure to shop wisely at our store! Give yourself the satisfaction of shopping and helping at the same time!